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University of Dundee PG Cert/Dip/MSc in Diabetes Care, Education and Management

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An Overview Of The Programme By Professor Mairi Scott:

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    Information to guide you in selecting your module starting in May 2016.

    This practical module will help you to make the best use of the different types of simulators and simulated patients in designing and delivering clinical skills sessions. The course will cover different educational theories and also practical ways of ensuring effective learning, such as the use of video debriefing. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the role of student, facilitator and feedback provider in a simulated setting.

    A typical workplace-based assessment project for this module would require the student to design, deliver and evaluate a teaching session using simulation.

    The aims of this module are: to facilitate participants’ understanding of Leadership; to allow participants to benchmark their organisation against current good practice in leadership; and to enable participants to develop an Action Plan to enhance leadership in their organisation.

    This module aims to develop an advanced level of understanding of the role of Cardiovascular (CV) risk management in a patient with diabetes. Topics covered explore the evidence base for the management of hypertension and dyslipidemia, and complex and special cases such as pregnancy and inherited conditions.

    The assessment project requires students to assimilate clinical and practical information with the available evidence base. This would also enable them to develop the skills necessary to lead in initiating clinical practice improvements in the workplace.

    Caring for people with Diabetes Mellitus who may present with acute, unpredictable and possibly life-threatening illness is one of the more challenging roles for today's healthcare professional.

    The main aim of this module is to enable the practitioner in a range of professions and disciplines to critically explore core knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the clinical and social aspects of modern diabetes care.

    You study a wide range of clinical aspects of Diabetes Mellitus, including the prevention and management of complications. You also contextualise your clinical knowledge with an exploration of both your professional role and also the cultural and psycho-social issues which patients may experience.

    This module familiarises participants with the basic themes within medical education. It offers participants theoretical and practical guidance relating to (a) good teaching, (b) good assessment and (c) curriculum development. Overall, it provides participants with the basic knowledge and skills needed for teaching as a health care professional. Participants study (a) Principles of Teaching and Learning and (b) Teaching Methods. The module includes the study of (a) Principles of Assessment (b) Assessment Methods (c) Mentoring and Giving Good Feedback. A significant element of the module encourages participants to study (a) the principles of and (b) approaches to curriculum development. This element enables participants to contribute to the design and planning of learning activities and/or programmes of study.

    Submission Area for the MSc DCEM Dissertation Module

    The student handbook contains important information about the PG Cert/Dip/MSc Diabetes Care, Education and Management programmes. Please read the handbook at the beginning of your studies and refer back to relevant sections as required during the programme. If you require further information or clarification about any of the information contained in the handbook, please contact a member of the course team. We look forward to supporting your learning during the programme and hope you will find the student handbook a useful and informative resource during your studies. 

    This is the gateway to the University of Dundee online library.  You will find information and advice on:

    • How to navigate the University of Dundee online library.
    • Effective ways of literature searching for your assignments.
    • How to reference correctly using the Vancouver system.
    • Guidance on academic writing skills.

    This section provides guidance on the principles and purposes of reflection in a professional and personal context, writing reflectively and undertaking the Reflective Essay: Assignment 2 of each module assessment

    The online space where students can raise issues with their student representatives ('reps') as well as to communicate privately.

    This course covers basic training for staff.

    Turnitin 2 testing course

    This area contains useful management protocols, guidelines and educational material.

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