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This module explores aspects of facilitation in groups and one-to-one, as well as facilitation as mediation. Students relate their learning to working with peers and colleagues in the student’s professional context. The focus is not on working with patients (although many of the skills will be common to your work with patients). Instead, it is designed to cover established knowledge and theory about facilitation skills, and to enable you to develop your skills as a facilitator in an enjoyable and interactive way. Finally, it offers tools to help you reflect on the development of your facilitation skills.

This module introduces students to the theory underpinning current international health policy-making and asks how innovation and risk fit within the concept of the ‘learning organization’. In the module, students will review in practical terms the learning culture and health policy implementation within their organisations in Kuwait. Work includes role-playing different ways of promoting the effective implementation of policy.

A typical work-based assessment project for this module asks students to review aspects of their own organisation in the light of what they have learned, and to design a practical, exciting and effective method of implementing innovation and improvement.

Research, both in terms of clinical and education, is the basis of evidence-based practice. Effective research that translates into clinical or educational practice is achieved by using a multidimensional approach. This module introduces evidence-based research and aims to provide the student with a broad understanding of the various methodologies to plan and undertake future research projects. Students learn through face-to-face teaching and discussion, multimedia resources, workshops and self-directed learning across the spectrum of quantitative, qualitative and improvement science/educational research.

GM51026 Research Methods is the foundation for the MSc Dissertation module.